VIctoria Culinary Incubator

Helping Local Business Grow

Are you building a culinary business?

Victoria Culinary Incubator assists small and fledgling culinary businesses off set their start up costs with shared resources and access to a commercially equipped kitchen. We offer access, subject to availability, starting from $800 + GST a month, inclusive of water, utilities, repairs and maintenance, alarm, fire prevention, cleaning and dishwasher chemicals, wifi to name a few. These costs are a fraction of what a small business would pay in their own exclusive space. We designate refrigeration and storage space based on cost and needs. There is the opportunity to bring in larger speciality equipment, subject to our approval. 

We strive to attract a diverse range of culinary business' from beverage companies, to candy makers, to bakers,  to condiment preparers to name a few. We are not currently accepting businesses that depend on deep frying or operate as caterers, or offering hourly or day rates. 

All business' must be eligible for a intermunicipal business and a VIHA health inspection, as well as possessing business liability insurance. We can provide guidance to candidates on obtaining these things, if needed. A one month rent security deposit is required for all businesses.